Gender Gap in Education - Research Guide

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News Sources and Article Databases

Full-text access to hundreds of recent (and even not-so-recent) newspaper and magazine articles. Type in your search terms in the center search box, using and to narrow and or to broaden; put quotation marks around unique phrases. The default search is set to Major U.S. and World Publications for the Previous 2 years, which can be changed to suit your needs. After you click search, notice that you can narrow your search by clicking on the categories in the left toolbar. Click on the plus sign to expand your options and click on the blue link to narrow your search.

Full-text articles from major metropolitan newspapers, international papers, and smalltown U.S. papers. This service includes both contemporary and historical databases. Access full-text articles from The News-Gazette (6/1/1997 to present) and Chicago Tribune (1985 to present).

MAS Ultra - School Edition
Contains articles from hundreds of magazines and reference books, including biographies, primary source documents and images. For best results, use a variety of keywords in combination (use separate boxes for each term).

Education Full Text
Contains full text articles and abstracts on topics relating to education. Check the "Education Full Text" box and search for terms such as "gender gap" and "education."

CQ Researcher
Themed reports written by journals, with coverage of health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy. Use the quick or advanced search at the top of the page if you have key words in mind. Or you can browse by topic on the left.

News Trust
A news aggregator that features quality news and opinions that are rated by members based on quality, not just popularity. Reviewers are vetted and rated too, before their reviews get top billing. Use key words to search at the top of the page or browse by topic. Click on the U.S. tab at the top of the page, then browse the topics on the right side of the page. You can limit by date and by the "most trusted" articles.

Sweet Search
SweetSearch is a Google-powered custom search engine that only searches 35,000 Web sites that a staff of research experts deems credible.

Other UIUC Library Links

These will require login if you access them from off-campus computers.

Study Summary: The Gender Gap in Good Habits. Los Angeles Times. Link here.
  • Complete Article: Duckworth, Angela Lee and Martin E.P Seligman. Self-Discipline Gives Girls the Edge: Gender in Self-Discipline, Grades and Achievement Test Scores. Click one of the Online Full Text links from here.

Video: Dude, Listen to This! Engaging Boy Writers (48 mins) Alexander Street Press.

Other Web and Book Resources

Video: The Trouble with Boys (UK).

Sommers, Christina Hoff. War Against Boys. Atlantic Monthly. May 2000.

Book: Pipher, Mary Bray. Reviving Ophelia: Saving the selves of adolescent girls. [Library location: Undergrad. Call Number: 305.235 P661R1995]

Kohn, David. The gender gap: Boys lagging. CBS News: 60 Minutes. May 2003.

Schulten, Katherine. Why are women underrepresented in science and math fields? The Learning Network. March 2010.

Lewin, Tamar. Bias called persistent hurdle for women in sciences. March 2010.

Ojalvo, Holly Epstein. Why do boys lag behind girls in reading? The Learning Network. March 2010.

Kristof, Nicholas D. The boys have fallen behind. March 2010.

Transcript: Report aims to debunk myths on gender and education. PBS NewsHour. May 2008.

Swaminathan, Nikhil. Girl talk: Are women really better at language? Scientific American Online. March 2008.

Brown, Lyn Mikel. What about the boys? Wellesley Centers for Women. June 2006.

The Global Gender Gap Report 2011. From the World Economic Forum.

Strauss, Valerie. No crisis for boys in schools, study says: Academic success linked to income. The Washington Post. May 2008.

Blog: Gender and education by Jill. Feministe. July 2006.